Dear Stakeholders,

Welcome to Zeeman, our first of many lucrative forays in the great continent of Africa.We are a corporation driven by passion to best serve our clients and believe in building lasting partnerships with our clients no matter where they are.

As a corporation, we have grown with the great Sultanate of Oman and are proud to be one of its largest employers. We are fully committed to educating and training future generations and to assume responsibility of collective development. By following international business standards and practices we help achieve results and targets set by His Majesty to diversify the nation’s economy and through the support of social activities we also look after the cultural well being of the community at large, at all places where our operations extend.

As a part of the huge corporation, Zeeman brings with it, the same diligence, commitment and the sheer passion to work with its clients and prosper with them. The company is steadfast on delivering the same great quality, exemplary service and world-class products that we stand for. Our footing in Nigeria is a result of extensive market research, insights from clients and thorough understanding of the diverse needs of individuals, businesses and industries of the region.

Our team of professionals are already indulged in the process and are building strong ties with the various markets spread across the region. Our infrastructure is a testament to our commitment that we will deliver on the expectations of our clients with the best possible solutions. But above all, just like we are committed to boosting the prosperity of Oman, we are strongly determined to take Nigeria and its economy to a whole new level.

With this new beginning, we look forward to your support and expect to see great mutual success in the years to come.